Ampco Metal SA

A company committed to innovative products and customer service for over 100 years.

AMPCO METAL, headquartered in Switzerland, is an international manufacturer and distributor of specialty copper alloys and engineered products

The company was founded in 1914 in the United States as an innovator in the introduction and application of aluminum bronze alloys. It also introduced several new metallurgical techniques and processes to the market that made AMPCO METAL the leader in specialty bronzes and copper alloys.

Over the years, AMPCO METAL has served customers worldwide in many applications for wear, corrosion resistance as well as high conductive properties. The main industries involved are chemical and petroleum, metal producing machine tools, transportation and a wide range of industrial and commercial machinery.

To achieve unique and consistent alloy characteristics, AMPCO METAL utilizes the most advanced equipment in the industry, a team of highly skilled engineers and sophisticated control processes. This allows AMPCO METAL to deliver consistent results. Respectful of the environment, AMPCO METAL uses state-of-the-art technology in its factories and service centers to maintain a clean air and water program.

AMPCO METAL manufactures a wide range of quality alloys and distributes them through its worldwide network of service centers. This allows AMPCO METAL to work closely with its customers to produce specialty alloys with the properties and characteristics they require.


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