B’ZEOS Switzerland

Founded in 2018, the company B’ZEOS was born from an innovative idea to develop bio-based packaging solutions from algae to replace plastic. This green technology company believes in the power of biotechnology to address the challenge of plastic waste and is committed to making significant and sustainable changes to our environment.


To achieve this goal, B’ZEOS utilizes an entirely eco-friendly processing technology and has partnered with algae cultivators and harvesters who work exclusively with ethical practices. 


The core values and strengths of B’ZEOS include:


  • Valuing collaboration and engagement with research institutions and universities.
  • Possessing in-house technical expertise.
  • Working both in the laboratory and on a pilot scale.
  • Forming partnerships throughout the entire ecosystem, from algae cultivators to end customers.

B’ZEOS works closely with ethical partners to leverage research, technical expertise, and innovation while respecting the environment and local communities.


Lastly, the company is developing a project for sustainable alternatives to disposable plastics in the food industry. A recent study shows that recycled and reused plastics with food can contain toxins, questioning the EU’s total recycling approach. In this context, the company is exploring the use of algae to manufacture environmentally friendly products. The objective is to create algae-based products that are safe for health and environmentally friendly, thus reducing the use of harmful plastics.



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