CEBO Injections SA

In a field in full technological innovation, CEBO Injections SA is an essential partner in the fields of plastic injection, for sectors automotive, equipment, electromechanical, medical, watchmaking and cosmetics.

Help to meet your challenges, help you from product design, advise you on the choice of materials, design tools and making products of high technical and innovative quality are our motto.

We offer a wide range of technical services such as injection of thermoplastics, MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and CIM (Ceramic Injection Moulding), plastic, metal and ceramic overmoulding. This for single or multi-cavity moulds

The company exports 85% of its production, it is mainly active on the national and European market but also in India, Singapore, China or the United States, Mexico and Brazil.


AutomotiveInjectionMachines and toolsMedicalMicro-injectionWatchmaking

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