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Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for industrial automation. The Swiss company, headquartered in Corminboeuf in the canton of Friborg (CH), offers a unique and innovative range of products whose characteristics far exceed those of standard sensors.

Since its foundation in 1972 by Peter Heimlicher, Ing. diploma ETHZ, Contrinex has grown from a sole proprietorship to a multinational group with over 500 employees worldwide. More than 13 subsidiaries cover key markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

In short
• Manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors, RFID systems and security devices, leader in high technology
• World leader in the sensor market miniature detectors, long-range detectors as well as detectors for particularly harsh environments (detectors in all-metal housing, detectors resistant to high pressures and temperatures)
• Worldwide representation in more than 60 countries, head office in Switzerland
• About 6000 products

Technology leader in smart sensors and industrial RFID systems
Why choose us

As an innovator of high-tech detection devices, our goal is to provide customers with a significant technical advantage that drives their success. Contrinex market leading products, manufactured to the highest Swiss standards, demonstrate excellent quality and impeccable reliability. Our customers also benefit from a worldwide network of qualified subsidiaries and representatives in more than 60 countries. At our headquarters, experienced application and development engineers can also help you find optimal solutions for all detection problems.


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