EMF – Ecole des Métiers / Berufsfachschule – Fribourg

The EMF mainly offers initial professional training leading to a Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) in the technical field, with systematic integration of Professional Maturity courses during apprenticeship (MP1). The combination of the two titles (CFC + MP1), in a full-time academic form, quite naturally favors access to HES – Hautes Ecoles Spécialisés.

To counter the induced school character, the training includes a professionalization phase which completes the training and greatly facilitates entry into the labor market. The training is therefore organized in two distinct phases: “school” – during the first three years – then “internships” – in the fourth year.

The EMF has two “business” sections called “EMF-Industry” and “EMF-IT”. A third section “EMF-Professional Maturity” provides teaching in professional maturity in integrated form (MP1) or general culture courses (eCG) to EMF apprentices. This section also offers post-CFC professional maturity courses (MP2) intended for qualified professionals, in the TASV-Technical, Architecture and Life Sciences orientation.

The EMF also offers assistance for the realization of mobility projects, in individual form or for training companies.


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