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Since its inception in 1956, when company founder Dr. Seiuemon Inaba introduced the concept of digital controls, FANUC has always been at the forefront of manufacturing techniques in the world. Going from automating a single machine in the late 1950s to automating entire production lines in the decades that followed, Dr. Inaba spearheaded this revolution with the invention of the first motor impulse electric motor, the programming of its numerical controls and its integration into a machine tool.
Relentlessly seeking to push the limits of automation, increase productivity, manufacture a better product and reduce costs, Dr. Inaba and his team continued this quest with a robot based on the same principles and intended to load the machine tool.
Other manufacturing and engineering companies around the world were quickly able to benefit from technological advances. brought about by the work of Dr. Inaba, to reduce costs and increase productivity. And, with its globally recognized products, such as ROBOCUT, ROBODRILL and ROBOSHOT, which began to equip factories between the 1970s and 1980s, FANUC was able to offer optimized solutions to an ever-widening range of industrial applications and customers. In Japan, FANUC is the first company to have designed and implemented a fully automated factory equipped with CNC machine tools and robots.
Sixty years later and with more than 4 million CNCs and 550,000 robots installed around the world, FANUC is the world leader in industrial automation systems. However, some things do not change: FANUC’s unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of automation innovation and helping customers optimize their production processes.


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