Fischer Connectors SA

An ambitious idea is at the origin of Fischer Connectors.

It is by asking the question “What if…? » that our founder, Walter Werner Fischer, created the very first high quality waterproof circular connector. Since this first success, our employees have perpetuated the spirit of innovation that has characterized the company since its inception, transforming connectivity challenges into successes for our customers around the world.

Entrepreneurship, excellence and innovation are in our DNA. In the space of six decades, we have gone from being a supplier of connectors to a global partner in the field of connectivity. We’ve built our global reputation as a trusted expert on our cutting-edge technologies, customized solutions and collaborative approach to customer service.

Looking ahead, we will continue to grow alongside our customers. While our customers motivate us, our history guides us. And we find our inspiration not only in our pioneering tradition, but also in the needs of our customers, with whom we create solutions that will shape the future.


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