Fondation Alfaset

It is thanks to Alfaset’s services that some people in difficulty find a job that meets their needs.


Indeed, our Foundation offers adapted workstations on 4 production sites: Neuchâtel, Couvet and two sites in La Chaux-de-Fonds. There are more than 480 people, most of whom benefit from disability insurance benefits and who provide professional services while respecting prices, deadlines and quality.

Our plastic injection workshop

Our machine park includes 6 injection molding machines ranging from 100T to 150T.


Thanks to this choice of presses, we can inject both small parts and large volume parts (700cm3), with a wide range of thermoplastics and elastomers, such as: PP, POM, PC, PS, PA, TPE, TPU….


We are thus able to inject for our customers, according to their request, small series as well as larger ones, at a rate of several hundred parts per year to a few thousand per day.


Quality controls or packaging scrupulously follow specifications pre-established by our customers. We are ISO 9001 certified.


It is in collaboration with our multi-service workshops that we can also offer services such as:


  • Degrading
  • Sorting
  • counting
  • Packaging
  • Labeling your parts
  • Dispatch
  • Deburring
  • Assembly
  • Conditioning

Our strength

Be able to process large volumes in a short time.


We are particularly in demand in the packaging of special boxes, assembly or assembly of batches of various kinds and their shipment.


Whether in the industrial sector, retail or services, for regular or one-off mandates, alfaset provides its customers with:


  • A large material infrastructure / modern equipment / an efficient delivery and collection service.
  • A professional and experienced management team.
  • Meticulous and motivated operators/beneficiaries.
  • Project management from A to Z


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