​​​​​Institut de Printing (iPrint)

The iPrint Institute, whose strong point is inkjet technology, is active in the field of digital printing. As a partner of industry, it contributes to technological innovation, both in terms of materials and instrumental development as well as processes.

The applied research carried out by the Institute of Printing is of a multidisciplinary nature, since it requires skills in very different fields, in particular that of mechanics, chemistry and nanotechnology. This research is carried out in close connection with the fundamental research of universities, within the framework of doctorates, and in interaction with the Bachelor and Master courses of the HES-SO. The institute also offers continuing education.

Innovation theme

Its mastery of digital printing processes allows the iPrint Institute to focus on the progress of technologies related to the expansion of the fields of application of inkjet printing. In a multidisciplinary way, innovation includes developments in all the fields and disciplines concerned, namely: software for the processing of data from printed products, printing processes at the level of print heads and nozzles, inks and fluids, drying or curing, ink-substrate interaction and quality.


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