Institut des Technologies Chimiques (ChemTech)

The ChemTech Institute deploys its activities in applied and industrial chemistry, particularly in the fields of fine chemicals and pharma, monomers and polymers, nanomaterials, sustainable energy carriers, process automation and environment.

Technological innovation in the synthesis and development of chemical processes combined with the search for a sustainable balance between economic, ecological and social aspects makes the Institut ChemTech a key player in the chemical industry and industries using chemistry as a service.

The ChemTech Institute promotes technology transfer between molecular innovations resulting from fundamental research and optimized industrial applications. Its applied research activities bring concrete solutions to the world of the chemical industry.

Innovation theme

Based on its core competencies in chemistry and characterization, process development and scale-up, chemical engineering and automation, the ChemTech institute focuses on the intensification of chemical processes, an innovative technology offering more efficient processes. safer, cleaner and more energy efficient.

The institute strives to maintain close collaboration with the other institutes of the School of Engineering and Architecture and the HES-SO, as well as with the University of Fribourg, the Ecoles polytechniques and industry.



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