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Morphotonix allows your products to stand out and authenticate easily, thanks to a new patented and ecological technology. Inspired by nature, our solution creates flawless premium features embedded directly into products, preserving 100% material purity and providing instant authentication.

We do this by nano-etching metal items/molds with custom designs at 130,000 dpi precision. The patterns are reproduced in plastic during the molding process and, thanks to their nano-precision, they effectively “split” the light, bringing iridescent effects like those developed by the Morpho butterfly of South and Central America, the eye-catching and unique patterns are thus integrated into the plastic surface without ZERO consumables and without post-processing.

Whether it’s limited series or very large series, our patented bio-inspired platform helps brands build trust with their customers while advancing their >sustainable development. We secure and improve products and packaging in the fields of nutraceuticals, medical, chemicals, technical parts, cosmetics, fashion and automotive.

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