Open Mould is a platform that facilitates online connections between buyers and manufacturers of molds and other types of equipment, as well as with suppliers related to projects. It is an efficient and transparent tool that enables companies to exchange relevant information exponentially. 


In fact, users can:

  • Purchase the most suitable molds and equipment based on their budget, timelines, and quality requirements.
  • Sell molds and equipment to potential buyers in the plastics and rubber industry worldwide.

Open Mould complies with a protected system, following the strictest regulations, namely the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (LPD) and the Swiss Data Protection Ordinance (OPD). Its usage is straightforward. 


In just a few clicks, you can find what you need. Here are the different steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Registration
  • Step 2: Connecting supply and demand
  • Step 3: Alignment
  • Step 4: Comparison
  • Step 5: Task assignment


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