Rapid Manufacturing SA

Additive manufacturing of plastic parts – layer by layer to get your part.

Rapid Manufacturing AG, founded in 2015, manufactures your parts on your request and according to your plans. You send us your CAD data and we prepare it for production. Then, our laser sintering plants manufacture your part layer by layer from the plastic powder by means of heat and laser radiation. After the manufacturing process, your piece is cleaned and sandblasted, then ready to ship. On request, the parts can also be ground, colored, impregnated, galvanized or mechanically reworked.

Thanks to our modern and efficient laser sintering machines, we are perfectly equipped for the manufacture of your parts. We are able to distribute customer orders at will across our facilities and thus easily compensate for order peaks. In case of normal workload, it is additionally possible to carry out trials with parts, new materials or express orders. Current production is hardly affected and we can deliver your orders on time.

New: Filament printing process with continuous fiber reinforcement – Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF) high-strength parts according to your wishes, parts with a strength similar to that of aluminum can thus be manufactured in very few time in the 3D printer.

Layer after layer to get your component:

  • Unit or mass production
  • Components with built-in functionality
  • Precise and high-resolution components
  • Rapid prototyping in production quality
  • Switzerland’s fastest delivery service
  • Various post-processing methods
  • Simple and personalized service
  • Advice on additive manufacturing


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