Renda Engineering GmbH is a company specialized in optimizing the entire value chain in the plastics industry. As a competent point of contact for product development, the company takes on the responsibility as an external engineering office, from the prototyping phase to mass production. Its comprehensive range of services includes project management, product development, automation concept creation, process development, material evaluations, technical verifications, as well as facility and production line qualification.


One of the company’s primary goals is to develop sustainable technical systems and thereby make a significant contribution to current and future global challenges. The mission of Renda Engineering GmbH is to enhance the competitiveness of regional and international businesses through tailor-made solutions and to create valuable jobs for the Swiss economy.


The company operates in several key industries, including pharmaceutical/medical, automotive, watchmaking, and telecommunications. Thanks to its expertise in these fields, it can meet the unique requirements of each sector and provide customized solutions. Renda Engineering GmbH takes pride in its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


The company’s long-term orientation is to establish strong partnerships with its clients, based on trust and a high awareness of the quality of its services.



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