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Energy Performance of Plastic Processing Processes

In a context of a particularly strained energy market and in the face of the growing risk of shortages that could lead to a blackout (prolonged collapse of the grid), the objective of the project is to enable participating companies in the plastics industry to better control their energy consumption and achieve energy savings, ultimately allowing them to adjust their consumption based on available energy and achieve eco-responsible production.


Through an analysis of the current situation and experimentation with improvement proposals in the laboratory of the iRAP institute at HEIA-FR, the project aims to implement the most relevant improvements and train the employees of industrial partners on the methodology to achieve this level of energy performance in production.


The innovation lies in experimenting with various adjustment parameters to correlate them with their energy impact. As a result, the partners will acquire new expertise to monitor, assess, and optimize the energy performance of their production. Production is the heart of the factory, where the highest energy consumption and the greatest potential for improvement can be found.


The collaborative project “PerfoPlast” began in the summer of 2022 and will be completed in early 2024.

Project partners

Admo plastique
SA KBS-Spritztechnik
Maillefer Instruments

Project Manager

Richard Pasquier