Henri Schaller SA

Located in the heart of the Jura in Bassecourt, Henri Schaller SA relies on 65 years of experience in several sectors of activity such as the production of components for the watch industry, machine tools , medical and dental instrumentation, electronics, mechatronics, defence. The know-how as well as the qualification of its 50 employees make it possible to ensure this production and thus offer very high quality products. Faced with the ever-increasing demands of its customers, it continues to innovate in its processes and to adapt its means of production to technological developments.

Today divided into four different sectors of activity, the company has been able to specialize in various products that it manages perfectly.

As a fully independent family business, it has the advantage of being extremely responsive and thus responding to the demands of its customers within very short deadlines. It has all the necessary infrastructure necessary to carry out its projects from the study of the customer’s part to its completion.

A third-generation family business, Henri Schaller SA has always endeavored to employ most of its staff in the Jura region. Its small structure allows it to manage its employees according to a so-called participative management and it ensures that it provides them with an attractive and motivating work environment.

The vision of society is therefore not purely rational and capitalist but takes into account the social aspect that a company represents.

As a supplier of major watch brands, Henri Schaller SA wants to work closely with its customers and thus provide them with the service and quality they expect from it.

The company has extensive experience in its field. It has been able to develop a high quality know-how thanks to its collaborators and to the new technologies always sought after. Proof of the quality of its products is reflected in a large panel of active high-end customers (see the references). The requirement of the latter pushes it to continually improve and thus constantly innovate.